SHIPRADARSIMULATOR.COM works as support for the IMO Model Course 1.07 on Radar Navigation, Operational Level.

The cadets carry out their training in the Schools where they study the theory and perform the simulator practices for at least 1 to 2 years, the officers carry out intensive days with limited quota and shorter courses between 1 and 2 weeks.

Due to the number of students in relation to the capacity and available hours of the simulator, the practices are usually few, short-lived or separated by extended periods of time.

SHIPRADARSIMULATOR.COM comes to fill that gap in order to complement the training with study material and tools to perform FREE practices from a low-end computer with an internet connection.

For those who wish, SHIPRADARSIMULATOR.COM has payment stand-alone applications that work without internet connection that can be purchased via Amazon at very affordable prices.

Both the content of this site and the applications and tutorials available have the advantage of having been fully designed, written and programmed by a real radar navigation teacher and simulator instructor, with which the didactic of them is fully guaranteed.

This site has a contact form and an email address so that users can leave their comments and suggestions and so that the administrators of other community sites, forums or blogs related to the activities of cadets, officers and navigation teachers can request a free exchange of links.

All teachers, officers and cadets of the Merchant Navy, Military, Coast Guard, Fishing, Mega Yacht or others are invited to visit, use and propagate this project that is in continuous development and permanent update.

Last update: 11-16-17